With more than 40 years of technical expertise to develop sound instrumentation of high precision and quality and with combining advanced technology and user-friendliness, Norsonic focus on the user and applications rather than on the complexity of the instrument.
Norsonic develops complete solutions which can be compared to portable laboratories. This means that the user can make measurements, analyze the data and print out the results on-site.
Norsonic Wide range of products and instruments includes:
  • Sound Level Meters
  • Acoustic Camera
  • Distributed Multichannel System
  • Instruments for Building Acoustic measurements
  • Noise sources
  • Environmental Noise Monitoring Stations
  • Instruments for Human Vibration measurement
  • Acoustic Calibration systems
  • Sound Calibrators
m+p international is a worldwide provider of high-quality test and measurement solutions for vibration control, noise & vibration analysis, and general data acquisition.
Many high-profile companies use m+p international’s products and engineering services to obtain top-quality results, thus minimizing expensive downtime and warranty issues.
m+p international delivers sophisticated test and measurement systems and comprehensive engineering services for:
  • Vibration Control
  • Dynamic Signal Analysis
  • Data Acquisition
  • Test Stand Engineering
Additium Technologies, S.L. is a young company formed by a highly experienced team of professionals to face most demanding tests system requirements worldwide.
The company has the experience to set up systems and laboratories anywhere in the world,
sharing knowledge and expertise for custom made test systems for Automotive, Aerospace, Railway and Technological Centers including:
  • Full-Scale Crash Test Facilities
  • Crash Simulation sleds
  • Linear Propellers and Impactors
  • Static and Pseudo-dynamic Test Rigs
  • Shaking Tables
  • Loading and Durability Test Rigs
  • Wind Tunnels

Since the establishment in 1994, G.R.A.S. has been 100% dedicated to developing and manufacturing high-quality measurement microphones and related acoustic equipment.
founded by the Danish acoustics pioneer Gunnar Rasmussen who for more than 60 years has contributed to the world of sound and vibration with his unique ideas and designs. Many variants have been made available over the years; all based on Gunnar Rasmussen’s original 1” pressure microphone design.
G.R.A.S. main line of product includes:
  • Measurement microphone sets
  • Measurement microphone cartridges
  • Special microphones
  • Preamplifiers for microphone cartridges
  • Power modules Hemisphere kits
  • Ear simulator kits
  • Artificial ears, ear & mouth simulator
  • Calibration equipment
  • Head & Torso simulators
  • Test fixtures
Based upon its unique MEMS technology for acoustic particle velocity sensor, Microflown Technologies develops and markets highly innovative products and (on site) testing services in the field of noise and vibration.
Microflown Technologies develops and markets innovative (acoustic) testing equipment including:
  • Standard probes
  • Arrays
  • Sources | VVS
  • Calibrators
  • Frontends
  • Velo Software
  • Special Solutions (Scan&Paint / Scan&Paint 3D / Acoustic Camera)
applicable in aerospace, automotive and other manufacturing or R&D centers which use acoustic measurements as part of their research or quality control process.
Microflown based testing methods are used for both the development of new prototypes and end of line acoustic testing during manufacturing.
NTi Audio AG is a leading manufacturer of test and measurement solutions for acoustics, audio and vibration applications. The product lines combine handheld instruments or modular Audio Analyzer together with microphones, acoustical sources, and fixtures for complete turnkey solutions. Main products are:
  • FLEXUS FX100 Audio Analyzer
  • XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer
  • Minirator Professional Audio Generator
  • NTi Audio TalkBox Acoustic Generator
Topsonic offers complete solutions for monitoring, recording and analyzing noise. These systems reliably measure sounds and noises and attribute them individually to specific origins (e.g. an aircraft, vehicle or any other distinct source). The measurements are taken continuously and thus provide a permanent record of all noise events.
In addition to stationary or mobile monitoring terminals, Topsonic’s product portfolio includes:
  • Aircraft noise and flight track monitoring system
  • Environmental information system
  • Industrial and construction noise monitoring
SONarchitect is the main product of Sound of Numbers, S.L.

With SONarchitect ISO you can compute all the sound insulation values in one-third octave bands in the entire building according to EN 12354:
  • Airborne noise insulation values according to EN 12354-1.
  • Impact noise levels according to EN 12354-2.
  • Façade acoustic insulation values according to EN 12354-3.
  • Noise emission levels from noisy enclosures according to EN 12354-4.
  • Reverberation times in rooms according to EN 12354-6.
The company was founded by Richard Weber in 1944 under the name Unis in Radebeul near Dresden. It was named Metra in 1954. Metra is an internationally established manufacturer of piezoelectric vibration sensors and related instruments with a broad range of products including:
  • Vibration Sensors
  • Signal Conditioners
  • Vibration Calibrators
  • Machine Monitoring systems
  • Human Vibration measurement equipment
  • Building Vibration measurement equipment
SPEKTRA Schwingungstechnik und Akustik GmbH Dresden, Germany was launched in 1994
The high quality of our products and services and in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies make SPEKTRA a first-class partner in the development of measuring and testing systems and calibration equipment for sensor
Based on decades of experience in the field of "electrical measurement of mechanical quantities", SPEKTRA provides solutions in the field of sound and vibration: engineering with products such as:
calibration systems n for the following measurands:

  • Acceleration: Calibration systems for amplitude-frequency response and displacement (sine) as well as a comparison of peak amplitudes (shock)
  • Acoustics: Comparison Calibration by using the substitution method for Sound Level Meters, Microphones, Acoustical calibrators, Pistonphone, Measuring Equipment, Analyzers, ...
  • Vibration Control Systems: vibration control systems for environmental simulation tests using vibration test systems.
  • Vibration Exciters: a wide variety of vibration and shock exciters, which can be used to apply defined dynamic forces to larger mechanical structures for modal analysis.
  • Device Testing: Sensor system level testing for development and production
CAE Software und Systems GmbH team gained experiences in consulting in acoustics, structural dynamics, simulations and physical tests over the last 20 years. This dynamic team is specialized in developing acoustic- and vibration measuring systems, new measurement methods and special tests in particular focus on the Acoustic Camera.